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Indian Navy Career, Recruitments & Eligibility Criteria

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You are choosing more than just a ‘job’. We offer a unique way of exploring your life and provide ample opportunities to explore your potential in every sphere of life. We provide professional challenges along with security and comfort that is almost unparalleled.
For many people, the greatest attraction of a career in the Indian Navy is the variety of opportunities that make your career challenging. You can face the challenges and develop methods to exploit your full potential. Work in the Indian Navy offers you a chance to grow as a professional, by learning new skills and acquiring unrivalled experience in the process of applying those skills.

Indian Air Force Career, Recruitments & Eligibility Criteria

Indian Air Force (IAF) is a part of the Indian Armed Forces , which carries out important work of air warfare, air safety and air conservation for the country. It was established on October 8, 1932. Prior to independence (declared as a complete republic in 1950), it was known as the Royal Indian Air Force and played a key role in the World War II of 1945 . After independence (being declared a full republic in 1950), the word "royal" was removed from it and only "Indian Air Force".

Join Indian Army Career, Recruitments & Eligibility Criteria

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Indian Army ⇒
Indian Army is the branch of the Army's land-based party and it is the largest body of Indian armed forces . The President of India is the Chief General of the Army, and its command is in the hands of the Chief of the Indian Army , who is a four-star general level officer. Field Marshal 's rank with a five-star rank is the formal position of the highest honor in the Indian Army, so far only two officers have been honored with it. Indian Army originated East India Company , that the British Army was transformed into, and the army of Indian states that freedomAfter the formation of the National Army The Indian Army's troops and regiments have a wide history and have participated in many battles and campaigns throughout the world, and have won a large number of war honors before and after independence


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