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How to study general knowledge for AMU?


Aligarh Muslim University

About AMU-: Aligarh Muslim University is one of the oldest premier Central Universities of India with a unique and rich culture of its own. The University has its origin in a school founded in 1875 by the great educationist, social reformer and visionary Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

To get good marks in the AMU entrance exam, the student should visit the syllabus section on the official website of AMU. Check your syllabus to see what topics are included in your syllabus. And then start your preparation.

#How to study general knowledge for AMU?

Tips for preparing current affairs / general knowledge are given below:

  • Identify the areas that have gained the most importance in recent times at both national and international levels, including sports and politics, science and technology, economics, international relations and so on.
  • Go through the previous year question papers of AMU entrance exam and analyze all the important sections of GK and Current Affairs.
  • Participate in group discussions on recent cases.
  • Most importantly, read the current year's newspapers and GK magazines every year to keep an eye on current events or ongoing stories around the world.
  • If you want to get good marks in GK section then you must read "NAAZ GUIDE" for Indoislamic.The Naaz Guide is one of the best books for the Indogelemic section in the AMU entrance exam.
Note -: The Naaz Guide is also available on Amazon and Flipkart.

#How to study English for AMU?
  • Read a lot: One of the best ways to improve vocabulary is to read a lot. When planning for exam preparation, make sure that you set aside some time every day to read a newspaper and a book of English grammar.
  • Learn at least three to five words every day with their usage, synonyms, antonyms and definitions.
  • Learn the rules of grammar and make sure your basic elements are clear.
  • Take part in many English quizzes online and practice many previous year papers to get an idea of ​​the type of English questions.
#How to study Reasoning & Aptitude for AMU?

  • You can divide this section into two-legal reasoning and legal qualifications. While legal reasoning is the method used to apply law to facts, legal qualification is nothing but knowledge of legal facts and current events.
  • For aptitude, study the basic concepts of law and legal terminology, constitution of India, legal current affairs and legal principles.
  • For reasoning, read the principles carefully and consider giving an idea to every word. Try to find the nearest right answer, not the ideal one. Legal reasoning While trying the question, one thing to note is never to take anything for granted and always keep in mind the facts given in the question.
  • Practice the previous year's AMU entrance exam question paper as much as possible.

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