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The Geneox Championship 2019-20

The Geneox Championship by

The inaugural edition of the annual Genox Championship 2019 will be conducted through online, assessment-based tests, designed around schools' academic curriculum and 21st century skills.

The championship is open to students from classes 8 to 10 across the country.


  • Provide a platform to test academic knowledge and conceptual understanding
  • Emphasize the importance of 21st century learning skills - Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving and Analytical Reasoning Ability
  • Help students and parents gain an insight into modern teaching academics
  • Identify, appreciate and excel in motivating students to do better.


  • The championship is currently open to all students studying in schools from 8 to 10 in India.
  • The championship tests will be based on the Academic Curriculum and Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) of schools. Participation is open to all schools affiliated to CBSE / ICSE / State Boards / IB.

  • Use a personal computer with internet connectivity
  • Sign up with a unique user account and password and complete the initial verification process
  • Ensured that the mock test has been successfully completed before the actual test and that there are no software / hardware issues during these tests
  • For these tests, audio devices, microphones, or headphones are not required.

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