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Rank your website on Google/other search engines

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How to rank your blog on Google/other search engines 

Hello friends how are you all, we hope you all will be good. Today, we are going to talk about how to bring your website's article to Google in the first page, today I'm going to tell you some very important tips.

Friends ! I present here top two methods for blog ranking on google/other search engines.

Method No. -: 01
Ranking your article in Google's first page leads to a tremendous traffic on your website. And the ranking of your website is also quite good. So let's know how to rank your article in the first page.
  • Friends, if you want to rank your article in Google, your website should be old enough to be around 1 year old and your website's ranking should be good in Google. Only then can you bring any of your articles to the first page of Google.
  • After that, the design of your website should be responsive, i.e. it is Google Friendly, so that people do not have much difficulty in using that website, this increases the ranking of your website. And also traffic on your website. Open it completely when you open it in desktop or mobile.
  • Friends, if you have to rank your articles inside Google, then the speed of your website should be quite good.
  • You can also check the speed of your website on google page speed.
  • Following are tips, health of your website, your website's health should be good. To check this, you can get help from any website present in Google.
  • You have to try that .com in the domain name of your website! Because Google asks you to use for .com! And any person opens the website using any website .com.
  • After this you guys use seo frendly URL of your article. So that your article can come to Google's first page.
  • Friends, you have to keep your article title seo frendly too. And together you also have to keep in mind what kind of keywords people search for. You use the title similar to that.
  • After all, friends are the most important thing that your article is at least 2000+ words. So that your article quickly ranks in Google. And if possible, you must use a video in your article.
  • And you must tell the writer's name in every article. Which is also called Author Box. This is very important on your article. Which Google has come to know who wrote this article.
  •  And you must use some of your LINK in between your articles.

Method No. -: 02

It is the best way to get instant traffic on your blog. I already used it , So share you.I have many method to like that. But it is best. So let's start-:

This web is used for submitting your website on search engines  (google,bing & yahoo, etc.) .
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Click on this link below here -: Click Here
You see that -:
scroll down this page 
And see that
 Enter your details in it.And click on submit.
After it you see like that page.

 On this page it's say to verify your email.
And check you email box and verify your email. After verifing email, submitted your details again.

After the submitting you see that page.

This page is confirmation page. You check here that your site which search engines submitted and failed.

Important Notice -:
You completed all steps and check your email box and you got some confirmation email and confirm that.
And finally your site submitted on all search engines.

So friends, today we know how you can bring your article to the first page of Google/other search engines. If you liked this article then you must share it and if you have any suggestions, then please tell us by commenting.
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So please comment for know more.

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